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How would you like to start?Try Scuba for Free: Begin in the pool's shallow end. We outfit you with all the equipment you need so you can experience what it feels like to breathe underwater and experience the feeling of weightlessness.PADI Discover Scuba: This activity goes the next step and teaches you the skills you need to venture into the pool's deep end. The cost is $40, but if you decide to go for certification, the cost will be credited to the full Open Water Course.PADI Discover Scuba Diving: This class takes what you learned in the Discover Scuba class into the Open Water for an actual dive with an Instructor. You can use this for your bucket list. There is a cost of $40, but if you decide to go for certification, the cost will be credited to the full Open Water Course. This depends on the weather and water conditions.Open Water Diver Certification: Your First Scuba Diving Course is the PADI Open Water Diver, costing $390. Your goal is to become a Certified Open Water Diver.Contact us for more information. There are class and pool sessions going on all the time, so we can work with your schedule.

A Water Odyssey Scuba

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Frank Morrow, a SCUBA diver since 1970, an instructor since 1979, is a former Master Instructor since 1994. He owns A Water Odyssey Scuba with his wife, Lynn, who has over 30 years of experience in accounting and as a business manager.We are committed to providing professional Scuba Diving Training to our local community and surrounding areas. We have a Master Instructor, Instructors, and Dive Masters to help with your diving needs.The first certified course is Open Water Diver, which trains the individual on the proper use of the basic SCUBA equipment and diving safety procedures.With our years of experience, we know what you will need so you can enjoy the sport of diving for years to come.

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